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Are you considering building a custom home or dream addition in the Greater Houston, Texas area, or are you considering a historic renovation to an older home?  At Southland Homes of Texas, we bring those dreams to reality.  We specialize in quality design and high-end construction in Houston and the surrounding area, and we are your one-stop destination for quality, creativity and value.

At Southland, we pride ourselves on client relationships and customer service.  The process of planning and building a custom home or renovation can and should be an exciting and rewarding one, culminating in the home of your dreams.  From concept through construction, we are committed to excellence, and our dedication to quality is second to none.

What to Consider When Hiring A Home Builder

Our formula for success is simple.  Whether you are considering a custom home or a quality renovation to your existing home, we have the experience and expertise to bring your vision to reality.  We offer the following to our clients:

    • Integrity – Southland Homes is large enough to see any project through to completion, yet small enough to care about even the smallest detail.  Whether it’s a custom residence, a weekend home or a renovation, we don’t cut corners, we don’t mass-produce, and we are committed to quality craftsmanship and the use of quality materials.
    • Personalized Attention– We work closely with all our clients, from the drawing board through to the completion of construction.  We know that a custom home or renovation is a substantial investment.  We also recognize that your project is one that you will be living with for years to come.  Our experience tells us that by getting to know you and your lifestyle, we can better serve your interests and build the home you have been dreaming of.  In the final analysis, you want to know that the design, style, quality, comfort and beauty of the finished product will be everything you expect, and more.


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    • Quality Construction – We treat every client’s project as if it were our own.  We have received recognition for our projects, including the Good Brick Award and a featured article in Houston House & Home Magazine, and our projects are available for viewing in our Photo Gallery.
    • Quality Materials – Many of our standard materials are considered upgrades by other builders.  Those standards include, among other things, a drilled pier foundation; 1 1/8” subfloor; 10-foot ceilings; blown in blanket insulation; smooth sheetrock finish; upgraded windows; radiant barrier; digital programmable thermostats with media filters; all tile laid on mud bed; extensive trim package; and landscape architect and interior design.
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Master Bath with Stained Glass

  • All-Inclusive Process – Even if your dream home or renovation is only in the conceptual stage, Southland Homes can take you through the process from start to finish.  With a licensed real estate broker on our team, we can find your building lot and assist you with the acquisition; in addition to convenience, we can often save our clients thousands of dollars on broker’s fees.  Our design partners will design the home or renovation of your dreams, and we have relationships with a number of architects, whose plans we will review to make sure they are consistent with your design wishes.  We work closely with two different Texas-based mortgage companies on the financing of our homes.  We will be there every step of the way during construction, including continuous oversight of all subcontractors, insuring that your dream becomes a reality.  Finally, while we always strive for perfection in all our projects, we offer warranties covering construction defects, delivery systems and structural defects.
  • Environmental Responsibility – We are committed to environmental responsibility, including energy efficiency.  Southland is an ENERGY STAR Building Partner, and ENERGY STAR is standard on our projects.  We use formaldehyde-free insulation, recycled hardwoods and low VOC paints.  And we have a LEED-certified consultant (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) on our staff, guaranteeing our vigilance on environmental issues as they apply to your project.


High-End Home Remodeling, Historic Renovations & Custom Homes

At Southland, your wishes come first.  We build homes of the highest quality, and we offer the services, from design through the completion of construction, that will result in a finished product you and your family will enjoy for years to come.


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Whether you have in mind a new residence, a ranch/weekend home, an addition to an existing home, or a renovation to a historic residence, Southland Homes of Texas is your destination for quality and craftsmanship in Houston.  Call us for a free consultation to discuss your project.  Get to know us, and let us get to know you.  See how Southland can take your dream and turn it into a reality.

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