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How Do I Find a Custom Home Builder in Avalon?

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Avalon Place Custom Home Builder

If you are considering the construction of a custom home in Avalon or anywhere in greater Houston, contact Southland Homes of Texas, the builder of choice in the Houston area.  Our goal is to take your dream and turn it into a reality.  We provide the finest in design and quality construction in new homes, as well as remodels and historic renovations, but we offer more than that.  If there is one attribute that stands above all the others in choosing a custom home builder, it is integrity.  For us, that means not only honesty in all our dealings with our clients, but also a sustained effort on our part during every aspect of the construction process, from start to finish.

Your project may begin with a concept for a new custom home, but you may not have chosen your ideal location.  In that regard, Southland can help at the outset.  Our staff includes a licensed real estate broker with extensive knowledge of all the upscale neighborhoods both in Houston proper and in the general vicinity.  We know what’s available in terms of building lots; the various restrictions that may affect what and where you can build; and the amenities and services available within and nearby each city and each subdivision.  With this knowledge, your search for a building location becomes manageable, and not hit and miss.  At the same time, we may be able to save you thousands of dollars in broker’s fees.

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Dining Room Historic Dining Remodel

On the other hand, you may already own a lot, and have a concept, but no concrete plan of what to build.  We pride ourselves on developing and maintaining the kind of personal relationships with our clients that facilitate the process of turning that concept from an idea into a plan of action.  We do this by discussing with you the needs of your family in terms of space, room layout, and every other aspect that needs to be addressed so that the home we build suits you and your lifestyle.  We will introduce your concept to our design and architectural partners, people we have worked with for years, and together we’ll put pencil to paper and turn your design into a workable plan.

When the design and architectural plans are complete, we will discuss with you all the details of your new home, inside and out, that will make it truly unique.  This will include everything from color, to floors, molding, appliances, and even your outdoor landscape design.  Then, from the time we begin construction until the home is complete, you’ll see the very best in quality construction, the finest materials, environmental responsibility and energy efficiency.  Quality construction at Southland means we’ll bring to your new custom home the same dedication that has brought us accolades for our past projects.

Our job is complete only when you are satisfied.   The result:  a unique home that is everything you dreamed of.  Our skills, dedication and craftsmanship will bring your vision to life.

Avalon Place, Houston, Texas

Avalon, also known as Avalon Place, is a relatively small subdivision bordering on River Oaks.  It was created out of a tract originally consisting of 460 acres of land west of Houston.  Avalon was divided into seven sections, and most of the area was developed shortly after the end of World War II.  Today, it contains 229 home sites, and a number of the homes are original to the property.  The parcels in each of the seven sections initially contained their own deed restrictions, but those restrictions were not uniform.  As a result, in 2001, the restrictions for all seven sections of Avalon were restated and incorporated into a master document setting forth the requirements as they exist today.  That document includes provisions governing, among other things, the following:

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  • Use – single-family only.
  • Signs – none allowed, except for elections.
  • Architecture – plans must be approved prior to construction.
  • Setback lines.
  • Dwelling orientation and location.

These types of restrictions, while appearing perhaps onerous, are designed to preserve the character of the neighborhood.  And at Southland, we believe that what’s good for the neighborhood is good for our clients who will reside there.

Avalon Custom Homes

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Upscale Community Master Bedrooms

If you are looking to build a custom home in an established area that has preserved its character over the years, why not contact us to discuss your options.  Whether you decide on Avalon, or any of the other upscale communities in and around Houston, we are eager to help.

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