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What Do I Consider When Building a High End Home in Bellaire?

As the premier custom home builder in greater Houston, we understand that home may be changed, but the location is forever.  If you own a lot and are considering building a high-end home, or if you haven’t yet located the site for your new residence, Southland Homes of Texas can help.  We know the region and the specifics of all the areas in and around the city.  Whether you need assistance locating the perfect lot for you and your family, or if you are looking for a quality builder provide you with the home of your dreams on your existing lot in Bellaire or anywhere in the greater Houston area, we have the experience and the knowledge to guide you through the process from beginning to end.

About Bellaire

Situated in southwestern Harris County, the City of Bellaire has a population of only about 17,000 (2010 Census).  Bellaire is known as the “City of Homes,” and while there are commercial areas within the city, it is primarily a residential community.  The average home price is about $600,000, with some homes priced at $1,000,000 or higher, and the number of higher-priced homes is on the rise.  Bellaire straddles the 610 Loop, and is served by the Houston Independent School District.  It has access to surrounding areas via four bus lines.

Bellaire consists of an area of less than four square miles, yet it has a surprising number of parks and recreational facilities.  Among those facilities are:

  • Zindler Park.  Covering 7.5 acres, Zindler Park has a neighborhood swimming pool, lighted tennis courts, picnic facilities, trails, a playground, and the Bellaire Recreation Center, which has meeting facilities and auditoriums.
  • Horn Field.  Baseball, T-Ball and soccer fields
  • Evergreen Park.  Swimming pool and picnic area.
  • Vic Driscoll Park.Almost an acre of open (green) space.
  • Feld Park.  Facilities at Feld Park include a softball field, playground and tennis courts.
  • Joe Gaither Park.  Green space, swings and other playground facilities.
  • Jacquet Park.  Picnic area and playground.
  • Lafayette Park.  Play areas and a dog park.
  • Locust Park.  Picnic and play areas.
  • Loftin Park.  Green space.
  • Mulberry Park.  Baseball, tennis and picnics.
  • Paseo Park.  An esplanade and the Bellaire Trolley.
  • Pin Oak Park.  Baseball, soccer and a jogging track.
  • Russ Pitman Park.  Nature trail, playground, picnic area and an aviary.

Considering the size of the city, the number and variation in recreational facilities demonstrates the commitment of Bellaire to the needs of its residents, including the children who live there.

Bellaire, Texas Custom Homes

While much of the original construction in Bellaire took place on lots of approximately one-quarter acre, there are variations in the size of residential lots available. Many of the original residences in Bellaire consisted of relatively small (three bedrooms, one bath) post-World War II homes.  As a result, building over recent years has included tear-downs (that is, complete demolition of the existing building to accommodate a new, and often larger, home), as well as whole-house renovations.

At Southland, our specialty is the construction of custom homes and custom renovations.  Because of this, we are well-suited to assist you in your quest for a truly unique residence.  We provide the design, planning and construction services that enable you to construct a new home in an existing older neighborhood, or to completely renovate an older home, consistent with your specifications, and create a floor plan and living space that fits the lifestyle of your family.  Creating a new home in an older, established city such as Bellaire presents certain challenges, including, in the case of a new home, designing in such a way that the new construction fits within the general architectural style of other homes in the area.  Southland is up to the task, and we know how to take your concept from design through the completion of construction so that the end product is the home of your dreams.  No matter what the challenges are – lot size, design/renovation issues, etc. – our experience insures that the final product works, both aesthetically and in terms of the comfort and needs of you and your family.

If your target area includes Bellaire, Texas, choose a custom builder who knows the area and has the experience you want if you are building a custom home or renovating your existing older home.  We are dedicated to providing quality design and construction in all our projects.  Contact us for a free consultation to discuss your Bellaire project.

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