Houston Real Estate Market Soars

The Houston real estate market got a tremendous boost in October, as single-family home sales increased by more than 12% compared with the same period last year. The effect of the hot sales figures was significant: Inventory, that is, the … Continue reading

Is Your Home Builder Environmentally Friendly?

We believe that the environmental is everyone’s responsibility. Your part in the process may be as simple as recycling, thereby reducing your family’s contribution to the local landfill. But when you build a new custom home, you can make a … Continue reading

Choosing the right builder for your custom home

You’ve made the decision to build a new home. You may have some specific ideas about where to build, and you probably have at least a conceptual plan, maybe even a proposed layout, of the finished product. Whatever level of … Continue reading

Current Trends in Houston Luxury Homes

Fashions change, and so do ideas about what’s really important in a home. And in today’s market, bigger is not always better, even when we’re talking about residences costing millions. Here’s what many people in our area are considering when … Continue reading

Seller’s Market Signals Green Light for Your New, Custom Home

The Houston housing inventory is in pretty sad shape. A year or so ago, the inventory was at about 3.3 months, meaning that it is estimated it would take 3.3 months to sell all the current listings, assuming no new … Continue reading

Houston Home Prices Up . . . Inventory Low

As the economy continues to adjust, home prices and home sales fluctuate. In Houston, the overall economic picture is excellent: job growth has been significant and steady, and the energy sector remains strong. But those positive aspects of the economy … Continue reading

Hot Residential Real Estate Markets in Houston

Over the past year or so, a number of communities in greater Houston have emerged on the list of “hot” residential real estate markets. If you’re selling, and you’re in one of these areas, you have a good chance of … Continue reading

Houston Housing Shortage Looming – Time to Plan your Custom Home

What a turnaround! It seems as if everyone just got through bemoaning the state of the real estate market. Foreclosures were common, many homeowners were under water, and buyers were scarce. Well, things have changed, and they’ve changed in a … Continue reading

Houston’s Real Estate Market – Looking to 2014

The real estate market in Houston started out in 2013 racing forward, and for the most part didn’t look back through the entire year. Toward the latter part of the year, the fast pace continued, with a couple of effects … Continue reading

Should I Consider a Custom Home?

Let’s face it. Building a new home off of a standard set of plans seems a lot easier and less trouble than going for a custom residence created just for you. You’d think it requires more time, patience, and, even … Continue reading