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The prospect of building a new custom home may appear daunting.  At Southland Homes of Texas, we recognize the huge commitment, in both dollars and emotion that it takes to embark on the construction of a new residence.  The experience, however, need not be terrifying or even unpleasant.  In fact, with the right builder, this can be one of the most gratifying experiences of your life and of the lives of the members of your entire family.

As another of the affluent suburbs of Houston, Braeswood is ideally suited to the quality, high-end custom homes that are our specialty.  We take your concept, and design a home that fits your ideal both architecturally and functionally.  We adhere to the highest standards of construction, and our materials and workmanship are the finest available.  After all, you’ve reached the stage in your life where you have the ability to choose exactly where you want to live and on what terms. Southland affords you the opportunity to create the home of your dreams, a home that is unique and that serves your family’s lifestyle perfectly.

Braeswood, Texas

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There are two aspects of Braeswood that make it an ideal location for those who seek the very best in a custom home.  First, there is the location.  Braeswood sits inside the 610 Loop and is easily accessible to downtown Houston.  Second, it consists largely of single-family upscale homes.


Braeswood, or, more formally, Braeswood Place, contains of a number of subdivisions, among them Ayrshire, Braes Heights, Braes Oaks, Braes Manor, Braes Terrace, Emerald Forest and Southern Oaks.  The primary architecture of Braeswood, at the outset, was ranch-style homes.  Over the years, many of those homes have been completely renovated, and in some cases torn down and replaced with larger residences.  Today, the area consists of 2,200 homes, and receives support from the Braeswood Place Homeowners Association (BPHA), which was created in 1951 “to promote the welfare and protect the property values” of the residents.


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Lot size in Braeswood tends to be larger than in neighboring areas such as West University, and lot prices are correspondingly higher.  The price range for new (or relatively new) construction ranges from the $700,000’s to over $2 million.  All the properties in the subdivisions covered by the BPHA contain deed restrictions – while the restrictions vary to a certain degree, they all provide that the lots in the subdivisions be used only for single-family residences.  In addition, all new home construction and remodels in Braeswood must be pre-approved to insure that they comply with all deed restrictions.

In the 1990’s, concerned citizens launched an effort to revitalize a four-block area of Braeswood Place which contained some apartments that were in disrepair, as well as some commercial properties that had become dilapidated.  A new association, the Stella Link Redevelopment Association (SLRA), was formed.  The SLRA engaged in a successful fundraising program, and purchased the apartments and businesses in question.  They were torn down, and a master plan was developed.  After redevelopment, the four-block area now includes facilities such as a YMCA, a neighborhood library and a senior citizens center.

Braeswood Custom Homes

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At Southland Homes of Texas, we believe that areas such as Braeswood are a perfect match, not only for us, but also for those interested in enhancing the quality of life for themselves and their families.  If you are interested in building a custom home, or if you’re considering purchasing an older home for remodeling, Southland has the perfect blend of experience, dedication and expertise.

We pride ourselves on developing personal relationships with our clients, and that starts with gaining a detailed understanding of the lifestyle of your family.  Through our discussions with you, we learn about how you live day to day, and what your needs really are.  Some decisions are relatively easy, like the number of family and guest bedrooms and baths.  Others may take more thought, like kitchen design, room access, and whether your dream home will contain specialized areas such as a media room or office.  Once we understand those needs, we confer with our design partners to develop and finalize detailed plans for both the inside and the outside of your new home.  Southland is involved with you at every step in the process, from design, to layout, to finishes, to landscaping, and all the other areas in which decisions must be made.  Our ultimate goal is to take your concept and turn it into the home of your dreams.

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