Building on Your Lot

Building on Your Lot in Houston, Texas

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If you already own the lot on which you intend to build your custom home, you are one step closer to making your dream home a reality.  While design elements, architectural features, and materials can be modified, location is unique.  On the other hand, acquiring your building site prior to design can be challenging.  The size, shape and other unique qualities of the land may require inventive solutions, and Southland Homes of Texas has the experience and expertise to design and build your home within whatever parameters may be dictated by your location.

Often, however, we are approached by clients who have made the decision to build their dream home, and have a general location within the Greater Houston area on which they would like to build, but who have not yet purchased the particular lot for their project.  With a licensed real estate broker on staff, and with years of experience in the custom home business, Southland Homes can assist in finding a lot which can accommodate your home.  At the same time, we can save you thousands of dollars in broker’s fees that you would otherwise have to pay to an outside firm.

How Can Southland Help Create a Design for My Lot?

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Kitchen Historic Renovation

At Southland Homes, we do not use cookie-cutter home designs.  Unlike most builders who claim that their homes are “custom”, the design of your Southland home will be unique, and will start with us listening to you share your dream in terms of space, style and functionality.  Our design partners will proceed to move your concept forward, and with our knowledge of the area, we will insure that the design can become a reality.The unique quality of our design process means that you don’t have to start with one of a number of standard floor plans offered by many builders.  “Custom” means just that.  Our designs are created for you taking into consideration all aspects of your wish list, including any limitations or special circumstances dictated by your building lot.

Our expertise in this area is particularly necessary in Houston, which is the only major U.S. city without a formal zoning code. While land development is regulated by the Department of Planning and Development, it does not govern land use.  Since we don’t have municipal regulations dictating the particulars of use of your lot, you want to be sure that your design fits the character of the neighborhood in which your new home will be located.  No one wants to build and occupy a custom home in an inappropriate setting, and we strive to have our projects blend into the area in which the lot is located.

Exceptional Quality and Superior Client Relationship


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The starting point for a Southland custom home or renovation is our relationship with our client.  After all, you’ll be living with your decisions for years to come, and our ability to take your concept and turn it into a reality is dependent upon our knowing your desires and your lifestyle.  A new kitchen, for example, can be beautiful, and built with quality materials, yet not function within your needs.

Whether the issue is functionality within your lifestyle, or creating a custom home that fits into its setting, Southland has the experience and dedication to get the job done.  With close to one hundred completed custom homes and renovations, we are experts in all phases of the construction process.  Allow us to turn your ideas into the home or renovation of your dreams.

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