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Custom Home Building Process in Houston, Texas

Master Bathroom

Interior Design Custom Master Bathroom

Whether you are considering building a new home, or a renovation to your existing residence, you should be aware of the various aspects of the building process.  At Southland Homes of Texas, we meet with you and determine what you’re looking for in terms of style, size and overall concept, and will help guide you through the building process:

  • Locating a building site.  If you want to create a new custom home, and you do not already have a building site, we can help.  With a licensed real estate broker on staff, we can assist you in locating a lot that is suitable for your project in the area you’re looking for.  This can also save you thousands of dollars in broker’s fees.
  • Construction financing.  We recognize that your project is a significant financial investment, and we also understand that today’s financial market presents challenges that did not exist several years ago.  Southland Homes has relationships with two different Texas-based institutions that offer mortgage financing.  These institutions will work with you to find the right financing package that fits your project and your financial situation.
  • Design.  Our design partners will take your vision and turn it into a design that accurately reflects your vision for your new home or renovation.
  • Environmental Responsibility.  Throughout the design and construction process, Southland remains committed to environmental responsibility.  This means that we always consider your family’s health in choosing the materials for your project.  Whether it’s formaldehyde-free insulation or the use of low VOC paints, we address potential indoor air quality issues so that safety is never compromised in favor of cheaper materials.  As an ENERGY STAR® partner, our environmental commitment translates into savings in your energy costs now and in the future.
  • Architectural.  We have relationships with a number of architectural firms, and we will review their plans to insure that they reflect the design you have chosen.


    Construction and Mortgage Financing

  • Construction.  Southland is committed to quality construction, using the finest materials and employing the finest craftsmen.  We hire subcontractors who share our commitment, and we will supervise their work on a daily basis.

Our dedication to our clients includes making this experience both exciting and rewarding.  We know that the decision to go forward with a custom home or renovation is one of the most substantial commitments of a lifetime, and we are committed to being with you every step of the way so that your dream becomes a reality.

Southland Homes – Your One-Stop Custom Home Builder

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River Oaks Historic Renovation

Southland Homes of Texas is the one-stop shop for your custom home or remodeling needs.  We like to become involved in the process as early as possible, thereby allowing you to benefit from our substantial experience and expertise.  We get to know you, your dreams, your concept, and your lifestyle.  We can provide direction even at the early stages of the project, and save you thousands of dollars in the process.  We are committed to you and to your custom home or renovation, and we will be with you every step of the way, from concept to completion.

We offer quality construction, quality materials, and a custom home or renovation that fits your needs and your lifestyle.  We do not cut corners, nor do we compromise on health and safety issues.  With close to one hundred custom homes and renovations to our credit, with awards and recognition in construction and environmental matters, and with an all-inclusive process, we have the necessary experience and expertise to take your project and turn it into the home or renovation of your dreams.

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