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Eco-Friendly Energy Efficient Insulation

Are you concerned about the environment?  How about saving thousands of dollars on the operation of your custom home for decades to come?  At Southland Homes of Texas, we understand that our clients want both.  We fulfill our commitment to the environment and to our clients by offering environmentally friendly features as part of our standard building package.  We apply our eco-friendly solutions to insulation, electrical, air quality, sustainable resources, appliances and our entire building process.

The High Cost of Electricity in Houston

We like to say that Texas is the biggest and best in many categories.  One of things that is biggest in Houston is our electrical bills.  According to Forbes the combination of hot weather and steep power prices have made Houston one of the costliest cities in the country for electrical consumption.  While we at Southland Homes are always committed to environmental responsibility, the electric bills in Houston provide an additional incentive when it comes to energy efficiency.

Our Commitment to the Environment and to Our Clients

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Environmentally Friendly Low VOC Paints

We believe that by committing ourselves to environmentally sound engineering in all phases of construction, we have created a “win-win” situation.  Through energy-efficient construction and the use of sustainable and non-toxic materials, Southland Homes’ construction process benefits the environment and your family’s health, and that translates into substantial savings in the operation of the homes we build.  Here are some of the things we do:

  • ENERGY STAR®An ENERGY STAR rating is a nationally-recognized standard benchmark that assists in the assessment of energy use.  As an ENERGY STAR partner, Southland Homes works to improve the energy and financial performance of our new homes and renovations and thereby demonstrates our commitment to energy efficiency.  ENERGY STAR is standard in all our projects.
  • Insulation.  At Southland, blown-in blanket formaldehyde-free insulation is also standard in our construction projects.  In addition to satisfying the indoor air quality needs of our clients, we save on your energy consumption and costs.
  • LEED Certified consultant.  We have a LEED-certified (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) consultant on our staff.  LEED credentials are administered by the Green Building Certification Institute, and certification provides independent, third-party verification that our homes are environmentally responsible and a healthy place to live.

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    Energy efficient appliances

  • Recycled Materials.  We use recycled hardwoods on our floors, guaranteeing that our precious natural resources are not unnecessarily depleted.  Recycled hardwoods are standard at Southland.
  • Low VOC Paints.  You’ve probably heard of the dangers of volatile organic compounds (VOC’s), which evaporate and enter the surrounding air, many of which are dangerous to human health and to our environment.  As part of its standard package, Southland uses low VOC paint, thereby reducing any harm to the environment, and making your home a safer and healthier place to live.

A Safe and Healthy Houston Home for You and Your Family

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Houston Heights Custom Kitchen Renovation

At Southland Homes of Texas, we back up our commitment to the environment by offering eco-friendly solutions as part of our standard building package.  We don’t try to lure clients with unrealistically low cost projections, only to add tens of thousands of dollars when they ask for a new home or renovation that is safe for the environment and their families.  Our building process always includes environmentally responsible construction and materials.

Your investment in a custom home or renovation includes an investment in your future and that of your family.  Their health and the overall safety of your residence are of primary importance.  From foundation to rooftop, we never compromise on quality or materials, insuring your peace of mind when you occupy a Southland home or addition.

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