Frequently Asked Questions

Custom Homes and Renovations in Houston

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are contemplating the construction of a new custom home or custom renovation, you no doubt have questions.  They may range from the construction process to the experience of your builder.  While it is not possible to anticipate all the questions our clients and prospective clients may have, the following questions cover a number of the more commonly asked questions we receive before and during the construction process:

Q:  What is the first step in the process?

A:  Identify the style and size of your new custom home.  If you don’t already know the type of home you want to build, Southland Homes can help by listening to your ideas, getting to know your lifestyle and that of your family, and offering different concepts for you to review.

Q:  What about location?

A:  In real estate, location, initially, is the single most important decision you must make.  Designs can be modified, but location is unique.  Southland Homes can find a buildable lot to suit your needs.  With a licensed real estate broker on staff, we also can educate our clients on the various neighborhoods in the Greater Houston area, and in the process save you thousands of dollars on broker’s fee.

Q:  What is an “all-inclusive” building process?

A:  From design through to the completion of construction, Southland Homes will walk you through each step of the process.  We begin by assisting in the location of your new home, with the benefit of our on-staff real estate broker.  One of our design partners will then design your home based upon your needs and your style.  When you are satisfied with the design, we will recommend one of a number of architects with whom we work, and review the architectural plans and specifications to insure that they are consistent with your goals.  We work with several lenders who are available to fund your project.  Finally, we are with you during all aspects of the construction process, including the supervision of any subcontractors, until final completion of your project.

Q:  How does Southland address environmental issues relating to construction?

A:  Southland is committed to eco-friendly construction.  This means that we address issues such as indoor air quality (using low VOC paints and formaldehyde-free insulation) as well as energy efficiency.  We are an ENERGY STARÒ partner, and we have a LEED-certified consultant on staff.  From the appliances we install to the insulation in your new home, we reduce energy consumption and save you money in energy costs for years to come.

Q:  What construction warranties do you offer?

A:  Southland Homes of Texas offers a one-year warranty against construction defects, a two-year warranty on the delivery systems (plumbing, electrical, HVAC) and a ten-year structural warranty.

Q:  What is a historic renovation?

A:  A historic renovation is the renovation or restoration of the interior or exterior of a residential structure, or an addition to a residential structure, of an older home.

Q:  Has Southland Homes of Texas received any awards or other recognition for its work?

A:  Yes.  We have received a Good Brick award from the Greater Houston Preservation Alliance, and we were the subject of a featured article in House & Home Magazine.  Whether you are considering a new custom home or a historic renovation, we have the experience to turn your dreams into a reality.

Houston Custom Home Builders

At Southland Homes, we pride ourselves on client relationships.  We do not offer cookie-cutter homes.  Rather, we get to know you and your lifestyle, so that the final product is a perfect blend of style and function.  Many of our standard materials and building practices are other builders’ upgrades, testifying to our commitment to quality construction and eco-friendly environmental solutions.  Contact us to learn more about what Southland can do for you.

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