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Why Choose Southland Homes of Texas?
Does the prospect of a creating a custom home, or a custom renovation to your existing residence, cause confusion and apprehension?  Is the enormity of the project overwhelming?  We can put your fears to rest, and create the custom home or renovation of your dreams.

At Southland Homes, our commitment to client satisfaction means that the experience of creating your custom home or renovation will be a rewarding one.  We use the finest materials, our craftsmanship is second to none, and we don’t cut corners.  Our goal is to provide you with the completed project you dreamed of, taking your concept from design through to your occupancy of your new or renovated residence.

Our Standards are Others’ Upgrades


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Does the phrase “building standard” bring to mind use of the least costly materials in order to inflate a builder’s profits?  At Southland, we use materials and construction processes that other builders consider upgrades.  We know that our clients expect more from their high-end residential project, and that they will not be satisfied with the use of lower-end materials or craftsmanship.  As a result, from foundation through to completion, and at every step during construction, our standards include:

  • Drilled pier foundation.
  • One and one-eighth inch subfloor.
  • Ten foot ceilings.
  • Blown in blanket insulation.
  • Smooth sheetrock finish.
  • Upgraded windows.
  • Radiant barrier.
  • Digital programmable thermostats with media filters.
  • All tile laid on mud bed.
  • Pine or mdf interior doors.
  • Extensive trim package.
  • Landscape architect and interior design.
  • Free paint touch-up after occupancy.

Environmental Responsibility and Your Family’s Health

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A custom residence or renovation may be stylish and may fit well with your family’s lifestyle, but unless the home is environmentally sound and poses no threat to your family’s health and safety, it simply misses the mark.

  • LEED Certification.  Our staff includes a LEED-certified consultant.  The LEED certification process is administered by the Green Building Certification Institute (GBCI), which recognizes excellence in green building practices.  GBCI provides third-party, independent oversight of professional credentialing related to green building.
  • ENERGY STAR®.  Southland is an ENERGY STAR partner, and ENERGY STAR is standard in all our projects.  Our partnership with ENERGY STAR demonstrates our commitment to energy efficiency, which helps both our environment and your pocketbook.
  • Indoor Air Quality.  We use formaldehyde-free insulation and low-VOC paints in our projects.  This insures that the air you breathe inside your new home does not compromise your family’s health.
  • Recycled Materials.  We have all come to understand that our natural resources are not without limit, and that the use of recycled materials assists in avoiding the further depletion of resources such as trees.  As part of our standard building package, the hardwoods we install on your floors will be from recycled material.


Southland Custom Home Builders – Your Choice in Houston

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If you are considering a custom home or custom renovation in the Houston area, Southland Custom Home Builders is the right choice for you.  We understand that your dream home or dream renovation is extremely important to you.  After all, you’ll be living with the results of your choice for years to come.  At Southland, we provide you with quality construction, quality materials, eco-friendly building practices, and value for your dollar.  In addition, we pride ourselves on our relationship with our clients.  We listen to you, get a firm understanding of your dream, and turn it into a reality.  Contact us and learn why Southland is the premier builder of custom homes and renovations in the Houston area.

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