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Historic Renovations & Preservation in Houston. Do You Own a Historic Home in Need of Renovation?

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Houston Historic Renovation and Preservation

If you own a historic home in the Greater Houston area, there are probably certain aspects of your home that you would like to change in order to have the house function the way you want.  Perhaps the kitchen is outdated, or the bathrooms need to be remodeled.  You may require more closet space, or your HVAC, plumbing and/or electrical systems need to be upgraded.  Perhaps the exterior of the home has been compromised.  Or you may simply want to create more space with an addition to the existing residence.  Whatever the changes you require, you want to have the finished product match the style and period details of the original home.

At Southland Homes of Texas, we specialize in historic renovations.  Our attention to detail, knowledge of historic building practices in Houston, and our commitment to client satisfaction insures that our historic renovations, additions and repairs remain true to the period of your existing home, yet provide the modern convenience that fits today’s lifestyle.

What is a Historic Renovation?

A historic renovation involves changes, including restorations, repairs, upgrades and additions to the interior or exterior of an older residence, usually built prior to 1940.  When properly completed, the renovations will match the architectural style and building type of the original structure, using materials authentic in style to the residence and the geographic area.  We pay particular attention to period trim detail and period coloring, and the final product should respect the essential historic character of the residence and the neighborhood.


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The range of potential historic renovations is substantial, and may involve either the interior or exterior of your home.  Some examples of typical renovations to older homes are:

  • Exterior Details.  Perhaps the exterior siding of your home has been covered over by vinyl.  Or windows have been installed or removed, the result of which is the loss of architectural character.
  • Systems.  The HVAC, electrical and plumbing systems in older homes often do not work in terms of operation and energy efficiency.  Clients may want to install central air conditioning, but the home lacks the necessary ductwork.  A properly designed renovation will insure that these changes and upgrades do not compromise the historical integrity of your residence.
  • Additional Space.  Matching the style and period details of an existing older home when building an addition can be challenging. It is essential that your builder has both the construction skills and technical knowledge of historic restoration in general, and knowledge of the character of Houston neighborhoods in mind.

Historic Renovations by Southland Homes of Texas

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Heights Historic Remodel

Southland has a successful track record of restoring and renovating older homes.  When we are engaged to perform a renovation on any historic home, our goal is to respect the past and maintain the existing historic character of the residence.  This requires knowledge of the period details of the home and the area in which it is located, and the ability to perform the renovation while adding modern conveniences, comfort and energy efficiency.  We know that the changes to your existing residence require not only that they match the character of the home, but also that they match your lifestyle.

Historic renovation is not a sideline at Southland.  Our experience is significant, and we were the recipient of a 2010 Good Brick Award from the Greater Houston Preservation Alliance, which recognizes contributions to “the preservation, restoration and enhancement of Houston’s architectural and cultural heritage.”  We recently performed major renovations to a 1937 River Oaks home.  Our work on that project, in which we served as primary contractor, was the subject of a featured article in Houston House & Home Magazine.

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