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If you are considering building a new custom luxury home in the greater Houston area, look no further than Southland Homes of Texas.  From concept to design to the completion of construction, quality and excellence are our watchwords.  Our level of dedication and commitment to our clients has created a new standard in the industry.

Our all-inclusive process means that we will be there from beginning to end.  At the outset, we can provide you with guidance on your choice and purchase of a building lot, with an on-staff licensed realtor whose services are invaluable and can save you thousands of dollars in real estate fees.  From that point forward, from design, to architectural drawings, to construction financing and through to completion of your dream home, Southland has the experience, skills and dedication to provide you with everything you want and need in your new high-end custom residence.

Why Build New?

Building a new custom residence has significant advantages that simply do not exist when you purchase an existing home, or even when you undertake a substantial home remodel.  From the ground up, this is your concept come to life, and there is no substitute for being able to determine every detail in the planning and construction process.

  • New Design and Layout.  The essence of a new custom home is that everything about the home is new.  This is not a situation where you have to settle on any level in terms of the overall style or layout of your new custom home.  You may have seen other homes that fit your general requirements in terms of architectural style – perhaps your ideal home is a center hall colonial, or a Mediterranean-style home, a craftsman, or maybe Spanish mission style residence.  But when you view these homes, there are aspects that do not appeal to you for a variety of reasons.  It could be the architectural details, the exterior trim, the room layout (and the entire flow of the home), the location, size and style of the windows, the placement of the home on the lot, or a combination of these and other items.
    A new custom home begins with your concept, which Southland translates into the perfect residence for you and your family.At Southland, we do not offer cookie-cutter designs, and this applies not only to the exterior style of your home, but also to the interior layout.  You may have your heart set on open-concept living, or a first-floor master bedroom or office, and you likely have a good idea of what your needs are in terms of the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, the garage size and capacity, the size of your walk-in closets, and a host of other issues that are important in building a home which fits your lifestyle and that of your family.  When you create a new custom home, you get it all.  From the overall look and style of the home, to the smallest detail, there are essentially no limits on what can be achieved.
Olympia 6103 Living Room

Open Living Spaces and Design Layout

  • New Finishes, New Fixtures and New Appliances.  One of the obvious benefits of building new is that you have unlimited choices.  These extend to every aspect of your new custom home.  There is no requirement that you settle for someone else’s notion about finishes, fixtures, appliances or anything else.  Your ideal home may include a gourmet kitchen, with all that comes with it.  It could be an oversize range or refrigerator, two dishwashers, custom cabinetry, custom lighting, and your particular choice of flooring, from wood to stone.  Everything from bathroom fixtures to interior color and trim are yours for the asking.
  • Energy Efficiency and Safety.  Existing homes, particularly older residences, were built prior to substantial advances in environmental science.  As a result, the plumbing, HVAC and electrical systems tend to be not only outdated, but in most cases environmentally deficient.  When you build a new custom home, any environmental and related concerns you might otherwise have are eliminated.  There is no need to worry about the presence of unsafe products such as asbestos or lead, electrical issues, or problems with your indoor air quality.  In addition, you are assured that the systems, appliances, and everything else in your home is state of the art in terms of environmental efficiency.  The result is a custom residence that is not only safe, but also energy efficient.  And this translates into savings for you in your utility bills for years to come.

Why Choose Southland for Your New Custom Residence?

623 Merrill Master Bath

Custom Home Remodel

The advantages of a custom home have led to your decision to build new. At Southland, we make the process of building a new high-end custom home an exciting and fulfilling experience.  From concept through to the completion of construction, our renowned expertise is at your disposal.  Our experience as a custom home builder is unparalleled, and we are dedicated to providing our clients with everything necessary to insure that once completed, your new residence will be the home of your dreams.

Contact Southland Homes, your Custom Home Builder at 713.862.5214.We invite you to visit our photo gallery and see for yourself the beauty and quality of our projects.  Call Southland today to begin the process of building your dream home.

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