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Houston High End Home Remodel

Are you thrilled with the location of your home but dissatisfied with the layout, finishes, outdated appliances and systems, and the size and/or configuration of many of the rooms?  At Southland Homes of Texas, we specialize in high-end home remodels, including “gut” renovations, and we can turn your existing home into the home of your dreams.

When you engage the services of Southland for your home remodel, you can rest assured that the finished product will be everything you wished for, and more.  Experience, quality, attention to detail, integrity and reliability – these are the keys to a successful remodeling project.  Our award-winning remodeling projects have been featured in Houston House & Home Magazine, and you can view a sampling of our completed remodels in our photo gallery.

What Can I Expect in a Home Remodel?

While we cannot predict what specific changes a particular client requires in order to transfer his or her home into the perfect residence to fit a family’s needs, here are some of the more substantial changes that can transform your home into a model of perfection for your lifestyle.

  • More Space.  Many older homes are ideal in terms of architectural style, but were built at a time when space was a secondary concern.  Not so today, and because it is sometimes impractical to add space within the confines of the home’s existing footprint, a home addition fulfills this need.  Whether the addition extends the footprint of the home, or adds space by altering the existing roofline, there are two primary aspects to creating a home addition:  first, it must provide the space you require; second, it should fit seamlessly with the style of your home.  We’ve all seen additions that may be adequate in terms of the extra space they provide, but which impose an awkward appearance on the entire house, particularly from the outside, because of a lack of architectural symmetry.  At Southland, we have the skills and experience to create a home addition that not only fits your existing home, but enhances its appearance both inside and out.

    Olympia 6103 Front Elevation

    Briargrove Houston New Custom Home

  • Reconfiguration of Your Existing Floor Plan.  Older homes typically provide smaller rooms than we require today, particularly in the living areas.  To resolve this problem, interior partition walls can be relocated or eliminated, rooms can be enlarged, and the entire flow of the home can be improved.
  • New Systems.  Outdated systems, whether electrical, plumbing or HVAC, are often a major aspect of a high-end renovation.  A whole house renovation provides the opportunity to replace these older systems with new, energy-efficient and environmentally friendly systems.  The new systems will be safer, will provide more comfort, and will save you money in the long run.  At the same time, you are doing your part to contribute to the environment.
Master Bedroom

Master Bedroom Architectural Details

  • Architectural Details.  At Southland, our renovations can preserve existing architectural details to the extent you want them preserved, and match them in your remodel, or those details can be changed to your requirements.  Moldings, flooring, colors, cabinetry, hardware and anything else can be customized according to your wish list.  This applies to both the interior and exterior of your home.  These changes can be as simple as replacing hardware, or as involved as relocating windows and changing the exterior siding or facing of your home.  No detail is too small or too large when Southland is your choice for a custom home remodel.

At Southland, we recommend that significant renovations be performed as a single, cohesive project, rather than in a piecemeal fashion.  Our experience indicates that piecemeal renovations often lead to confusion and resultant problems when a prior but recent improvement does not lend itself to the next stage in your plan.  In addition, a whole-house renovation always makes sense from an economic point of view, since it obviates the need to order materials again and again, and to reassemble your craftsmen and laborers.  Finally, it avoids a haphazard attempt to update the systems in your home, and provides the opportunity to change electrical, plumbing and HVAC elements in an orderly and efficient manner.

We believe that anything is possible, and we are dedicated to remodels which truly create a transformation that provides you and your family which a home that matches your wishes in every respect.

Home Remodels by Southland Homes of Texas

709 E7.5 St kitchen 1

Houston Heights Historical Kitchen Renovation

If you are considering a high-end home remodel in the greater Houston area, Southland is the home remodeling company that can turn your existing home into your dream home.  When we use the word “custom”, we mean that your concept of the changes that you require determines every aspect of the project.  This is your home, your remodel, and your vision – Southland will make it a reality.  Call us to discuss your home remodeling needs.  You’ll be glad you did.

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