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When contemplating the purchase or construction of a new home, most of us want to know that we don’t have to travel long distances, or face significant traffic delays, in order to purchase basic necessaries such as groceries.  We therefore look for locations that are relatively near shopping areas accessible for our daily needs.  It’s about convenience and lifestyle which Rice Village offers in abundance.

At Southland Homes of Texas, the premier custom home builder in the Houston area, we understand the importance of location.  If you’re looking to purchase a lot, or if you are looking for an older home in need of renovation, the first step in our all-inclusive process is to sit down with you and discuss which neighborhoods in the greater Houston area provide the services (including restaurants, clubs and boutiques) and aesthetics that suit your family’s way of life.  Accessibility to shopping, schools, recreational facilities and other amenities are important to all of us.  How close you want to be to stores, parks, etc. is an individual choice, along with features such as lot size, architectural style, room layout and other interior features.
As a builder of upscale custom homes in the Rice Village area, we also understand that our clients want not only convenience when they decide on a new location, but also the knowledge that their builder will employ only the best in design, materials and workmanship.  Talk to us if you are in the market for a custom home or custom renovation in the Rice Village area.

Rice Village

Location, location, location!  That’s what we believe is the single most important, and the only unchangeable, aspect of a home.  If you are considering living in the vicinity of Rice Village, your location is unbeatable.  Rice Village is, essentially, a shopping district.  And while it does contain some residences, the attraction is that it serves a number of upscale neighborhoods within minutes of the village, some within walking distance.
Only a couple of blocks from Rice University, Rice Village has been a prime destination for shoppers for over seventy years.  It boasts over 300 shops located within a 16-block area.  The wide range of shops that can be found there include the following:

1635 Arlington wine

Wine Cellar Below Stairs

  • High-end clothing and accessories;
  • Jewelry;
  • Toys and games;
  • Cosmetics;
  • Furniture;
  • Eyewear;
  • Art; and
  • Home decoration.

In addition, Rice Village is home to dozens of specialty stores, which carry everything from wine & spirits to fabrics to sports equipment.  Moreover, the many services that can be found in the village include:

  • Banks;
  • Investment consultants;
  • Health and fitness centers;
  • Entertainment;
  • Catering;
  • Dry cleaning;
  • Tailoring; and
  • Salons and spas.
1635 Arlington kitchen

Centrally Located Open Kitchen

But what really sets Rice Village apart from other shopping areas is the number and variety of eating and drinking establishments.  In addition to about a dozen places under the heading of bars and clubs, Rice Village is home to a staggering variety of dining experiences available within a compact area.  They include restaurants serving cuisine from countries around the world, including Italy; India; China; Japan; France; Greece; Lebanon; Mexico; Cuba; Spain; and Thailand.

Rice Village Custom Homes

As noted above, Rice Village is primarily a shopping district.  However, it serves a number of the upscale communities in suburban Houston.  The convenience of Rice Village is not only in the number and variety of shops, services and restaurants in a relatively small area – it is also a function of the fact that the village itself is close to so many upscale residential areas and facilities in Houston.  In addition to its direct proximity to Rice University, the village is only minutes from the University of Houston.  It is also close to many of the Houston neighborhoods our clients find so desirable.  Some of those neighborhoods (and their location in relation to Rice Village) are as follows:

  • West University – walking distance;
  • Avalon – 2.5 miles;
  • River Oaks – 3 miles;
  • Braeswood – 3 miles;
  • Bellaire – 4 miles;
  • The Heights – 10 miles; and
  • Spring Valley – 12 miles.

Custom Wood Work in Study

This is why we at Southland are so smitten with Rice Village.  It provides the convenience homeowners desire when they choose a location in which to build.  If you are in the market for a high-end custom home in the greater Houston area, or if you are looking for an older home in need of restoration, and have not yet chosen a particular location, consider the neighborhoods near Rice Village, and consider Southland, the builder of choice for those who want only the best in construction.

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