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High End Custom Home

If you are in the market for a new home in the greater Houston area, Southland Homes of Texas is the builder for you.  We focus on the design and construction of high-end custom residences in affluent areas such as River Oaks.  Our clients expect the best, and that is what we provide.  From concept through the completion of construction, our goal is to make your dream a reality.

High End Custom Home Builder

When we are approached to build a custom residence, our client usually has a design concept in mind, and perhaps a general layout of the future home.  Our first task is to get to know the client, and in the process to understand the lifestyle of the family.  Only in that way can we suggest a design that enhances, rather than restricts, the way the family lives and utilizes their home.
We know that you want the builder you choose to be at your side from beginning to end.  Southland offers an all-inclusive building process that assists you at every stage of this very substantial commitment on the part of yourself and your family, including services and expertise which most builders do not and cannot offer.  Our all-inclusive process includes the following items that come into play at the very beginning of your project:   finding a building lot and obtaining construction financing:

  • Locating a building site.  It may be that you already own a parcel of land in River Oaks on which you want to build your new home.  But many of our clients, while they may have decided on the general area in which they want to live within greater Houston, have neither located nor purchased a building lot.  To assist at this stage of the process, Southland has a licensed real estate broker on our staff who can help you find a lot that suits your needs, in the area you have identified as your choice location.  In the process, you could save thousands in broker’s fees.


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  • Financing.  A construction loan is a unique type of financing.  Unlike a permanent mortgage loan, the term is relatively short, and advances are made by the lender based upon progress in construction.  Like other financing plans, however, construction loans face many of the same challenges resulting from the state of today’s financial markets.  This is an area that is unfamiliar to many of our clients, and another spot in the process where Southland can help.  We have relationships, based upon years of construction experience, with Texas-based financial institutions who we know are amenable to construction financing.  Those relationships are invaluable when it comes to financing your new custom home project.

Houston Custom Home

Our work continues in conjunction with our design and architectural partners, our quality craftsmanship, and our commitment to environmental responsibility.  And our job is not over until construction is complete and you are satisfied with the final product.

River Oaks

River Oaks was established in the 1920’s.  Founder and former Texas Governor Jim Hogg was meticulous in his planning of the neighborhood.  Its greatest expansion took place after World War II, when it became a haven for the more affluent citizens in the area.  The planning of the development called for the planting of oaks in the town’s parks and on the esplanades, along with shrubs and flowers.  The primary architecture at the outset was restricted to American Colonial and English Tudor style homes.  Ultimately, River Oaks became a model of community planning on a national level.  Located within the 610 Loop, River Oaks is about halfway between downtown and uptown Houston, and is accessible to the freeway system and many major roadways.

Today, River Oaks is ranked as having the seventh most expensive housing blocks in the United States.  A drive down River Oaks Boulevard, which runs roughly through the center of the community, reveals numerous estates and mansions set back from the street.  It is the home of River Oaks Theatre and the River Oaks Chamber Orchestra.  In addition to River Oaks Country Club, the area also includes River Oaks Park and the River Oaks Community Center.  The River Oaks Patrol is a community-operated guard, alarm and investigation company that has been in existence for over 50 years.  River Oaks Shopping Center is located adjacent to River Oaks.

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Living Room Renovation

If the dream location for your new custom home is in River Oaks, or if you own or are considering purchasing an older River Oaks home in need of renovation, Southland Homes of Texas is your next stop.  As a custom builder, we are second to none.  We are also established as Houston’s premier company when it comes to historic renovations.

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