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623 Merrill Master Bath

Master Bath Concept

Building a custom home can and should be the experience of a lifetime.  Because it reflects your concept, your lifestyle and your design choices, it will change the way you live, and should give you a feeling of contentment every time you pull into the driveway.  There are, however, steps in the process, the first of which is the location for your dream home.

Many of our clients prefer smaller, established neighborhoods such as Royden Oaks.  These areas offer the convenience of living near a large city, and at the same time they enjoy the charm and safety of an established suburban community.

If you would like to live in such an area, Southland Homes of Texas is not only the custom home builder of choice in this area; we also have the real estate expertise to help you find a lot that is perfect for your new residence.  With a licensed real estate broker on staff, and with our knowledge of all the desirable sections in and around Houston, we can help where few others can.  In the process, we may be able to save you a substantial amount of money in broker’s fees alone.

1635 Arlington Kitchen

Kitchen Custom Finish

The location of your custom home is paramount, and is the one element of your home that can’t be changed.  We therefore spend whatever time it takes to learn why a given location may or may not be right for you and your family.  The following considerations need to be examined before you choose one town, neighborhood or subdivision over another:

  • Schools.  If you have school age children, you are no doubt concerned about their schooling, in particular which school, in which school district, they will be attending.  Or perhaps you plan on enrolling your children in a private school.  In either event, you want to know where the schools are in relation to your new home, as well as their educational quality.
  • Commute.  The length of the commute to work is important to all of us.  This is especially true if you work downtown in a city as large as Houston.  We all know that the longer your commute, the more time you will spend away from home and family.  You may think you have found the ideal location based solely upon the neighborhood you are looking at, but if living there entails an exorbitant amount of time in your daily commute, thatcould detract from, rather than enhance, your lifestyle.
  • Lot Size.  As a general matter, the size of your lot is often a function of its location in relation to Houston.  Subdivisions closer to downtown Houston tend to have been developed earlier, and many lots are relatively small.  If you are looking for a large lot with plenty of land, your best bet may be to look beyond the immediate vicinity of the city to more outlying suburbs.  On the other hand, there is no shortage of excellent real estate in the closer villages and subdivisions nearer to the city.
  • Parks and Open Space.Most of the city’s more desirable neighborhoods include a surprising number of parks and a commitment to maintain green space.
  • Architectural Style.  If you are committed to a particular architectural style, you want your new home to be enhanced by the styles in your neighborhood.
1635 Arlington Master Bath

Double Shower Head

Whatever your lifestyle, and whatever your preferences, Southland can find a lot not only suitable, but perfect for your needs.

Royden Oaks, Houston

Royden Oaks, located in the vicinity of River Oaks and Avalon Place, is a subdivision consisting of just over two hundred homes.  It is known as one of the most exclusive neighborhoods in the City of Houston.  The median home size is 3,000 square feet.

Developed in the 1940’s, the construction in Royden Oaks was primarily ranch style houses.  Over the years, many of those houses have been renovated, and about a third of the original homes have been torn down to make way for larger, two story residences.

With its inner-Loop location, Royden Oaks is ideal for commuters.  Convenient to shopping and neighborhood schools, residents also enjoy some relatively unique services, such as back door trash pickup and added security provided through the Royden Oaks Property Owners Association.

Royden Oaks Custom Home Builder

Dining Room

Royden Oaks Custom Dining Room

An exclusive community such as Royden Oaks offers the very best in location, and the variation in the existing homes offers those wishing to build a custom home a significant amount of leeway in choosing the architectural style of their new residence.

If you are considering building a custom home in Royden Oaks, or anywhere in the greater Houston area, Southland Homes of Texas has the experience and dedication to turn you dream into a reality.  Contact us to discuss your new home plans.

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