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West University Custom Dream Home

If you are contemplating the construction of a custom home in the City of West University Place, look no further – Southland Homes of Texas is the builder of choice in the greater Houston area when it comes to high-end custom home construction and historic renovations.  From concept to the completion of construction, our goal is to create your dream home.  But the first step in creation of that dream home is identifying the location in which you wish to live.  Our on staff licensed real estate broker can help in your search, and whether you already own a building lot in West U, or if you are looking to purchase one, we can create the custom home that’s right for you and your family.

West University Place, Texas

The City of West University Place, also called West University or West U, is surrounded entirely by the City of Houston.  West U also bears the nickname “The Neighborhood City.”  Development of the town began prior to 1920, with the sale of the initial building lots.  By the middle of that decade, however, residents became dissatisfied with the lack of drainage and other municipal utilities, streets that turned to mud when it rained, and the absence of schools and fire protection.  This led to the incorporation of the city in 1924, and began a multi-year effort to create an infrastructure to support the city.  Unlike some areas adjacent to Houston, West University successfully resisted being swallowed up by and consolidated into its large neighbor.

Another of the small suburbs of Houston, West U consists of an area of only about two square miles, with a total population under 15,000, and about 5,500 housing units.  A typical residential lot in West U has an area of about 5,000 square feet.  The original homes constructed in the town consisted primarily of cottages and bungalows built in the mid-20th century.  The increasing economic vitality of West University can be seen in the fact that during the fifteen-year period which ended in the first few years of the 21st century, approximately half the homes in the city were completely torn down and replaced with larger, more expensive residences.

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Today, West University Place is the 5th wealthiest town in Texas.  It consists of a number of subdivisions, such as Rice Court and Pemberton (known for residents’ restoration of older homes).  The city has a new recreation center, and a number of parks and other recreations areas.  These include Colonial Park, which has a swimming pool, as well as facilities for tennis, volleyball and walking, along with other smaller parks located throughout the city.  It is part of the Houston Independent School District, and is located in proximity to a number of private and parochial schools.


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We can readily understand why one would target West University as a prime location to build a new custom home.  The general character of the neighborhoods, the proximity to Houston, and the availability of commuter transportation provide strong incentives to live in the area.  In terms of quality of life, few places are more conducive to family living than West U.

Having chosen your location, the next step is to find a builder who can turn your dream into a reality.  In addition to quality craftsmanship, the use of the finest materials (many of our standards are other builder’s upgrades), and a concern for environmental responsibility and energy efficiency, we offer the kind of personalized service and attention so often lacking in today’s construction market.  We realize that the most beautiful home in the world won’t be right for you and your family unless it is designed with your lifestyle in mind.  That is why our first step in the design process is to spend time with you discussing your needs and expectations as you contemplate the construction of your new home.


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Your home represents not only a substantial investment, but also provides the framework within which you and your family live.  We want to know that we are doing everything possible to help you design a home that is both attractive and functional.  This includes not only simple concepts such as the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, and the size of the kitchen, but also the location, size and design of every other room, every hallway and every closet in the house.  When each of these aspects of the design suits your expectations, only then are we ready to proceed.

At Southland, everything we do is calculated to obtain one result:  presenting you, at the conclusion of construction, with the keys to a new custom home that is everything you wished for, and more.  Contact us to discuss your custom home project.

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