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If you own an older residence, or if you’re looking at the possibility of purchasing and renovating a historic home, Southland Homes of Texas is your choice in the greater Houston area.  As a premier renovator of historic homes, Southland can work wonders when it comes to taking a historic residence and turning it into a home that fits today’s lifestyle.

We are experts in the field of historic renovation and preservation.  We understand that while you may be quite satisfied with certain aspects of your historic residence, the age and layout of the home simply does not lend itself to the way we live today.  It may be the small size of the rooms, or the absence of an open concept floor plan.  Perhaps you need additional bathrooms or redesign and replacement of the HVAC, plumbing and/or electrical systems.  In many cases the existing square footage of the home is simply inadequate for your family’s needs, requiring an addition.  Whatever the reason, many people see the need for substantial renovation before they will be able to feel comfortable in their older home.  The key to the renovation is preserving the architectural character and period details, while expanding the living potential of the house.

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Our track record in the renovation of historic homes is impressive, and has received industry-wide recognition.  In 2010, we were honored by the Greater Houston Preservation Alliance and were the recipient of a Good Brick Award.  This award honored our contribution to the preservation and enhancement of Houston’s architectural heritage.  We also recently completed major renovations to a home in River Oaks, built in 1937.  Our work as general contractor on that renovation was featured in Houston House & Home Magazine.

We stress our talent and experience in historic renovation when discussing an area such as Woodland Heights because the area lends itself to the rehabilitation and modernizing of older homes.

Woodland Heights, Texas

Established in 1907, Woodland Heights originally consisted of only 106 acres of land north of downtown Houston.  The area was an early example of good planning, and the initial developers were conscious of the need for municipal facilities such as water, sewers, shrubs and trees, and well laid out streets.  Today, Woodland Heights consists of some 2,000 homes in over 50 neighborhoods; those neighborhoods range from a few homes to subdivisions containing hundreds of houses.

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The architecture in Woodland Heights is in tune with the styles popular at the beginning of the 20th century:  Queen Anne, craftsman and English cottage.  Most of the early homes were small, but many featured a large front porch, as was the custom in that era.  Like so many other sections of Houston, Woodland Heights suffered from a lack of attention for a number of years, but beginning twenty or so years ago, the area began its resurgence.  This came about as the result of the “gentrification” of this section of the city, and included the restoration of many of the older homes.

Woodland Heights is just east of The Heights, but the difference between the two areas is apparent.  The Heights began its development about 15 years earlier than Woodland Heights; in the interim, there was a tendency away from the larger Victorian homes, and toward smaller arts and crafts style bungalows.  The revitalization of Woodland Heights has not, however, negatively impacted the character of the area, and when you read about this section of Houston, the most common description you’ll find is that it is seen as “charming.”

Woodland Heights Custom Home Builder

If you have a desire to live in an established upscale neighborhood which is accessible to downtown Houston, yet worlds apart from its hustle and bustle, think about Woodland Heights.  You may be in the market for an older home with a particular architectural style and character, whether it’s Queen Anne or another of the styles in vogue in the early part of the last century.  As a Woodland Heights custom home builder, Southland offers you the opportunity to renovate an older home without detracting from its essential character.  After all, that character is the reason you are purchasing the home in the first place.

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It is also worth noting that many of the subdivisions in Woodland Heights contain a number of deed restrictions; these typically include such items as front and side setbacks, a “residential only” clause, height restrictions and a prohibition on signs.  At Southland, we don’t see these types of restrictions as interference or an annoyance; rather, we see them as a challenge to be met in order to have your renovation, or your new custom home, enhance, rather than detract from, the neighborhood in which it is being built.  Contact us for a free consultation.

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